What kind of activity can I book?

We offers a unique activity with the local expert, which could be experienced with cycling, motorbike adventure, food experience, homestay, thing to do with the locals which guided by local tour guide.

How do I book the tour?

It’s easy to get started booking a tour. Search through our comprehensive list of the activity and request to book a tour. Once you fill out the booking request form, our booking expert will contact you to begin the process of booking your activity, then let enjoy.

How long do I need to sign up for the tour?

Due to the popularity of our activity, it is important to apply as early as possible. The simple online booking will be completed with correct information, then submit to us early at least one day before the tour.

What is the confirmation email?

When we have received your completed booking, we will send you the activity confirmation email containing, activity departure, pick up information, orientation to tour details and calculation tour fee for your included packages. For any information to discuss with Siem Reaper, please send your request via email address: hello@siemreaper.com

What is the payment method?

Payment is required to pay by cash through; our agencies and pay directly the the tour guide when finishing your trip. 

Do you have any discount for the kids?

Of course, we do. For children, over 16 years old will be applied with the adult price, and children below 6 years old will get 50% off, children between 6-12 years old will get 20% off the tour costs, children ages 13-15 will get 10% off, and the children must be accompanied by the adult.

Who are the guest?

Siem Reaper is a good concept for tourism sustainability and helping the locals, hence it very popular for tourists nowadays who willing to do the tour with locals. Siem Reaper serves travel services without any discriminations to all customers such as; students, languages learners, long-trip travelers, interns, volunteers, and leisure travelers. In addition, If you are a blogger, photographer, volunteer, journalist, we will have a special deal with you to book our tour. Please contact us via this email: booking@hoianlocalguide.com

I am a solo traveler.

If you are a solo traveller and want to experience with another group, please drop down your email through booking@hoianlocalguide.com; then we will help to discuss the activity that you can join with another traveller.